You have been allotted 15 minutes for your presentation and this should include time for questions and answers. Please allocate at least 2-3 minutesfor Q&A at the end of your talk.
Slide templates & colour schemes: 
• As a guideline, pick a single background colour for your whole presentation for continuity and consistency and use around three additional colours of text for maximum impact, and to avoid overwhelming the audience. You could separate broad sections of a presentation by changing background colours. 
• Use colour combinations for background and text that provide high contrast for ease of reading. As a general rule, use a dark background and light text and images. For example, a white background and black text makes the screen glare and makes it difficult to view for long periods. According to various sources, around 5% of people have some degree of colour blindness, red-green being the most common. For this reason, it is a good idea to limit the use of red and green to high contrast colour combinations. 
Graphics & animation: 
• Graphics which cannot be clearly seen add confusion and cause distraction. Either make the image clear or leave it out entirely. 
• Use effects to emphasize a point, but do not overuse the effects to the extent that they distract the audience. 
• If graphs are required to support your presentation, they should be large and should not include too much detail. Clear axis labels along with a few large, widely spaced values on the axes will almost certainly be enough detail to convey the message for the purpose of the slide. Likewise, avoid inserting comprehensive data tables which have been designed for a different media and which are more suited to in-depth analysis.